3 Brain Foods to Fuel Your Cognitive Function

It is a well-known fact of life that what you eat has a profound impact on the way your body functions. With obesity officially a full-blown epidemic in the United States and the health food market booming, it appears that the vast majority of us are intimately aware of important our eating habits can be. The connection between the foods we choose to consume and our weight or physical health is extremely clear. However, many people are less informed about how directly eating certain foods can influence the our mental capacity. Research has revealed that although the relationship between healthy eating, physical fitness, and cognitive function are all intertwined, there are absolutely a number of foods that have been proven to improve brain function, focus, and clarity. Incorporate some of these delightful treats into your regular diet to enjoy increased protection against cognitive decline.


picture of walnuts

This delicious snack is jam-packed with nutrients that are both great for your heart and anti-inflammatory. Additionally, walnuts are the only noteworthy nut source of alpha linolenic acid, meaning they encourage improved blood flow. What does that matter? The better your blood flows, the more oxygen is delivered efficiently to your brain. A paper presented at the 2010 International Conference on Alzheimer’s also noted that mice afflicted with the ailment that were fed a diet of walnuts enjoyed better memory and motor skills.


image of berries

The connection between eating berries and enjoying a healthy brain has long been accepted by the scientific community thanks to a considerable history of animal studies which reveal exactly that. Recently, a study in the Annals of Neurology reaffirmed this belief when it concluded that a berry-heavy diet led to slower mental decline in memory and focus within middle-aged women.


picture of coffee

The stimulant found in coffee, caffein, sharpens mental acuity – hence the beverage’s extreme popularity as a morning treat. We drink as much as 120,000 tons of coffee annually. However, beyond the way in which coffee wakes you up and gets your mind running on all cylinders, it has also been found to have other positive impacts for your brain. Coffee is rich in antioxidants which can keep your brain healthy. It also may help diminish the prominence of depression in women, according to recent research.

Healthy eating is a crucial habit for every individual to build for themselves. As you craft your own best practices for what you choose to consume, be sure to consider the foods that can keep your mind sharp, both today and in the long term.